Crypto Future is an Austrian information technology company with headquarter in Vienna.

After more than 17 years in different IT areas: telecommunication, ERP, project management, security, software development and blockchain technologies, we have decided to bundle all our IT experience into one main channel – The Blockchain. Blockchain is a quite new technology, but we truly believe that it is the future internet technology and therefore we are going to pool all our resources to create extraordinary, spectacular and user-friendly future applications, which are based on blockchain.

We at Crypto Future are convinced that blockchain will bring innovative ways to create mobile applications and will completely change the manner how consumers will use those applications. Therefore, Crypto Future is going to develop blockchain based applications, which will change the future and bring the information technology to the next level.

"Our mission is to create spectacular blockchain applications."

Tomislav Matic, CEO and Co-founder



Nobody can do everything by his own! Therefore, is very important to trust people, which are creating new solutions for you.
“As we trust our partners, we also want to be a company our partners and our employees can trust”.


“Only the desire to be creative and innovative helps you to be stay on track and be ahead the competition”. 

Crypto Future supports innovative ideas and require creative way of thinking.


We do not want to reinvent the wheel or just continue using it as it is. What we want is to invent something new, that will help us to see the wheel in another frame or give us chances to use it in a different way.

 “We do not promote mediocrity – we want to be recognized by the difference”.